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For more than 40 years the Rodrigues family has been active in the national wine and wine by-products market, with leading brands in their categories. The group’s winery, located in Flores da Cunha (RS), is now one of the three largest grape growers in the country.

Due to the closeness to grape producers in the Serra Gaucha region, the family decided to diversify the production portfolio and join the natural products market, thus creating ARBOR BRASIL, a company that is born with a long tradition in the beverage market, and that starts this new journey into the wonderful world of fruit growing, integrating pulp extraction units into its industrial plants.ARBOR BRASIL is prepared to supply the market with a wide variety of packaging – PET, glass, aluminum and carton. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in two different Brazilian regions, allowing us to make better use the available raw materials, as well as providing logistic efficiency to support the distribution channels.

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Our Factories

lançamento Pinna Colada

Teresópolis - RJ

The city of Teresópolis, known for the beauty of its mountains and the quality of its crystal clear water, is the headquarter for Arbor Brasil group. Located 90 km from Rio de Janeiro, this unit produces our line of alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and specialty beers.

lançamento Pinna Colada

Flores da Cunha - RS

Flores da Cunha is located in the heart of the Serra Gaucha region, responsible for 90% of the grapes produced in the country. In this unit, we have three of the largest grape processors in the country. Here we produce our wines, as well as the grape and apple juices, used by the Arbor Brasil group.